When you are making reservations online after 6 pm on a Friday or Saturday you must call to confirm (your online reservations). Phone number: (416)9772919 or 4169595001.

For the larger group of 7 or more must call Us.

We cannot wait to see you! We will book your table for a maximum of 90 minutes for your enjoyment. When booking you will be given a drop down menu to choose patio or indoor dining. If one table type is full (i.e. patio) only the other table type will be available (i.e. indoor dining) and we will not be able to move you to the other table type even if you write in the notes that you prefer something different. In case of rain or bad weather we will accommodate that . Your table will be preassigned prior to your arrival, and we are not able to accommodate any changes from ‘your preassigned table. We know all of our tables are great so if you request any special table we will keep note for you but its not guaranteed you will get it . 

Due to high volume we encourage not to split the cheques for group of 6 or more.